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When United Kingdom rescues are full all over the country Why choose to help a Romanian Rescue Dog ?


The answers is as human beings we all have a choice in life as to who & what Charities we whish to support donate.


Romania as a country doesn't have our organisations like the RSPCA & The Dogs Trust & many charity registered rescues in locations around the country.

As a Country it has Public Shelters which in most cases are nothing more "Death Camps" for canines waiting day after day for a meal Some only fed once a week, filthy kennels, disease ridden> Temperatures of -25 in winter laid on a cold concrete floor, that's wet smelly & hasn't been cleaned for a week


The lucky ones may get a wooden pallet to lay on, & a volunteer group going in with donated food twice a week to feed them. Possibly some donated funds to treat a sick dog or release it to one of the many struggling private shelters. Which in most cases totally rely on donations to keep them going.


A far cry from what we are a custom to UK rescue dogs & centres around the country.

The Website has a mission to show people who may consider adopting a dog from Romanian what a difference one family can make to one dog at a time.

How the adoption process works. How not to be afraid of adopting from another country. Some dogs from Romania may already be in choosen foster homes within the UK. So the process is just an adoption from the rescue that is taking care of the dog which has been already brought to the UK. As with any rescue a "Home Check" is carried out and an adoption fee charged.

Each Dog listed on it's own page for you to review the photographs & read all about him/her There is no such thing as the perfect dog in life, but there could be a perfect dog to fit in with you & your family & give a forever home to a special dog that deserves a chance of a better life than starvation, been beaten on the streets poisioned or starved to death in a Public Shelter.

The dogs listed may be located at various rescues around the UK, full contact details for each dog will appear on the page
Every dog deserves at least a page in the book of life, hoping that page may just catch your attention to ask more.!

Initial Contact : Bluesavanagh@yahoo.co.uk.

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